Kate ArgusWriter

As someone who’s been writing for ten years but has never made the steps to become a published author, I had a TON of uncertainty about the publishing process, especially concerning goal-setting and deadlines. Briana not only made recommendations for what goals to set and where to place them on my publishing timeline but also helped me see that I already knew some of the answers to my own questions. If you’re experiencing uncertainty with publishing and where to go next, book Briana. She’s experienced, knowledgeable, insightful, and best of all, a delightful person to talk to. You won’t regret it!

Jennifer AcresAuthor

I have been writing for many years, but the past couple had me blocked. Between hard life turns and physical and mental health issues, my confidence as an author had cratered. Therapy had helped in many ways, but my writing remained stuck and actually caused me major anxiety. Then, I had a coaching session with Briana. I honestly didn’t hold much hope for it because I felt so far gone. But Briana helped me break down the issues I was having and gave me concrete, actionable steps to help overcome them. I’m finally seeing a way out and it’s all thanks to Briana. I can’t recommend her coaching services highly enough!

Valerie RutherfordAuthor

As a new(ish) indie author, I’ve been struggling with marketing my first novel, which has slowed my enthusiasm for writing as a whole. Briana’s marketing coaching gave me some ideas to focus on in a supportive and encouraging way. She listened to my concerns and came prepared to our session with tips and personal experiences. I’m looking forward to implementing more of her suggestions and checking in with a follow-up session in the future.

Ania WhiteleyAuthor

I have been feeling stuck with my novel for a while. It was written, yes, but my question was: what’s next? I tried to identify what needs to be done and find direction, but instead I was getting more and more frustrated and anxious. This is when I decided to seek professional help. I booked manuscript review service with Briana hoping to get a bit more of a general overview and a sense of direction. I got more than that: Briana pointed out my novel’s strong points and things that I could improve, but most importantly she was so warm and encouraging. Briana’s feedback was delivered on time and it gave me a fantastic basis for my edits. Thanks to Briana, I gained the clarity, I feel encouraged to keep going and I actually can’t wait to start working on my book again!

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