Hello there! I’ve been a professional editor for a more than a decade, working with independent authors and small presses. I’m a member of the Editorial Freelancers Association and the ACES: The Society for Editing. I also has a BA in English.

My preferred categories are Young Adult and Adult. My favorite genres are horror, fantasy, and science fiction, but I will edit almost anything! If your project isn’t a novel, I’m more than happy to edit nonfiction, sales copy, and web copy too. I specialize in working with indie authors and have indie publishing experience, having published several books and plays of my own. If you’re interested in a writing or editorial consultation about your work, you’ll also find that pricing below. Other services include freelance writing, book formatting and layout, marketing/promotion, and sensitivity reads.

I offer a free 10% sample edit (maximum 10 double-spaced pages) for novel-length projects.

If you have questions about these rates or services, or you want to see a sample contract or book in advance, please reach out to me.

For the purposes of this chart, a page is defined as 250 words, the industry standard for a manuscript page.

 DefinitionsMedian Rate Per HourMedian Rate Per Word**Median Pace of Work**
COACHING/CONSULTING$61–$70/hr$.05–$.059/wd4–6 pages/hr
Copyediting, fiction$36–$40/hr$.02–$.029/wd7–10 pages/hr
Copyediting, nonfiction$41–$45/hr$.03–$.039/wd4–6 pages/hr
Copyediting, business/sales$46–$50/hr$.04–$.049/wd4–6 pages/hr
Copyediting, medical/STEM$46–$50/hr$.04–$.049/wd4–6 pages/hr
CURRICULUM DEVELOPMENT$51–$60/hr$.04–$.049/wd4–6 pages/hr
Design/layout/formatting (print)$46–$50/hr$.02–$.029/wd4–6 pages/hr
Design/layout/formatting (electronic)$46–$50/hr$.03–$.039/wd7–10 pages/hr
Developmental editing, fiction$46–$50/hr$.03–$.039/wd4–6 pages/hr
Developmental editing, nonfiction$51–$60/hr$.04–$.049/wd4–6 pages/hr
Developmental editing, business/sales$51–$60/hr$.07–$.079/wd4–6 pages/hr
Developmental editing, medical/STEM$61–$70/hr$.06–$.069/wd1–3 pages/hr
Developmental editing, book doctoring$61–$70/hr$.06–$.069/wd4–6 pages/hr
INDEXING$36–$40/hr$.02–$.029/wd7–10 pages/hr
LINE EDITING$46–$50/hr$.04–$.049/wd4–6 pages/hr
MARKETING/PROMOTION$51–$60/hr$.08–$.089/wd4–6 pages/hr
PERMISSIONS$46–$50/hr$.04–$.049/wd21–25 pages/hr
PROJECT MANAGEMENT$51–$60/hr$.04–$.049/wd4–6 pages/hr
Proofreading, fiction$31–$35/hr$.02–$.029/wd11–15 pages/hr
Proofreading, nonfiction$36–$40/hr$.02–$.029/wd7–10 pages/hr
Proofreading, business/sales$41–$45/hr$.04–$.049/wd7–10 pages/hr
Proofreading, medical/STEM$41–$45/hr$.03–$.039/wd4–6 pages/hr
RESEARCH/FACT CHECKING$46–$50/hr$.05–$.059/wd4–6 pages/hr
SENSITIVITY READS$31–$35/hr$.01–$.019/wd11–15 pages/hr
TRANSCRIPTION$36–$40/hr$.09–$.10/wd4–6 pages/hr
TRANSLATION$46–$50/hr$.11–$.15/wd1–3 pages/hr
Writing (work-for-hire only), ghostwriting full-length fiction$51–$60/hr$.09–$.10/wd1–3 pages/hr
Writing (work-for-hire only), ghostwriting full-length nonfiction$61–$70/hr$.11–$.15/wd1–3 pages/hr
Writing (work-for-hire only), business/sales$61–$70/hr$.16–$.20/wd1–3 pages/hr
Writing (work-for-hire only), medical/STEM$61–$70/hr$.16–$.20/wd1–3 pages/hr
Writing (work-for-hire only), journalism$51–$60/hr$.31–$.50/wd1–3 pages/hr
Writing (work-for-hire only), other$51–$60/hr$.21–$.30/wd1–3 pages/hr