I have been writing for as long as I can remember, but I didn’t become an author until 2015. I spent so many years doubting my creativity, struggling with self-discipline, impostor syndrome, self-doubt… you name it, I’ve experienced it.

Whether you’re interested in making the transformation from writer to author, or you’re an author with a book or two under your belt who just needs a little guidance, I want to help you.

I started out knowing next to nothing about writing and publishing, feeling lost and hopeless. Now, I help people like you achieve their publishing dreams through targeted advice, encouragement, and a little insider knowledge.

One-on-One Publishing Consultations

Once you’ve booked a consultation, you’ll receive an intake form to fill out. I’ll use the answers you provide to prepare for our session. If you’re not comfortable with video or audio, I’d be happy to chat with you via messaging on Discord, Google Hangouts, or Skype. However, the same fees apply as a call-in session.

Here are some examples of topics you might want to tackle in a session:

  • Which publishing route is best for you
  • Self-publishing tips
  • How to write a query letter
  • Marketing strategy/advice
  • Social media tips
  • Successful author mindset
  • Developing a writing routine
  • Plotting vs. pantsing
  • Maintaining an author platform

Of course, these are only suggestions. Your topic might cover something else entirely. If you have any more questions, please contact me.

30-minute Consultation$30
60-minute Consultation$60
90-minute Consultation$90